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LAHORE: A 5-Year-Old Boy Hanged To Death After Rape


LAHORE: A five-year-old boy found dead after alleged molestation.

5-year-old found dead after aleged rape
5-year-old found dead after aleged rape

According to media reports, on Friday January 2 police has recovered the body of a five-year-old boy from the rooftop of a local mosque. Two suspects have been booked by the police as the boy was allegedly molested before being hanged to death at the isolated upper floor of the mosque. The dead boy was missing since Thursday evening. He went missing while he was accompanied by some friends during a fund-raising tour for Eid Miladun Nabi (SAW). As his friend Bilal narrates all the friends were collecting money when the deceased disappeared during a sudden power outage. A police official told the media that the dead body was naked and seemed to have been sexually assaulted

SP Saddar Ijaz Shafi Dogar told media that the parents and neighbours tried to find the missing child and reported him missing to the police on Friday morning. However, later that day police found his dead body. “The police, after registering an FIR under Section 363 (abduction and kidnapping of the penal code), visited the child’s residence when they received information that a body was discovered from the rooftop of the mosque. The boy was strangulated with a rope. After the discovery, the section of the FIR was changed to 302 while we have also detained two suspects for interrogation,” SP Saddar Ijaz Shafi Dogar said.