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Lahore: A Christian family delivered from the bonded slavery of a landlord


A Christian family has been rescued from the slavery of a landlord. This liberation has been made possible by the tireless efforts of Lahore-based Pastor Anwar Fazal, Christian journalist Saleem Iqbal and Member of Punjab Assembly Tariq Masih Gill.

Pakistani Christians in slavery

The landlord was demanding about 4 hundred thousand Pakistani Rupees for the liberation of the Christian family. National Director of Care Council for Human Rights- Saleem Iqbal had reported an entire Christian family has been serving a landlord for a slight salary of five thousand rupees only.

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Ruth Bibi, one of the affected family members revealed that the landlord has forcibly sexually abused her several times, after harassing her. She complained that the landlord has never paid the salary until he sexually abuses her. Furthermore, she told that the landlord had fixed their salary at 20,000 Rupees initially; however, later he reduced their salary to only five thousand rupees.

The dejected Christian woman told that son of landlord casts a bad eye upon her 12-year-old daughter. She maintained that whenever she or her family members refused to serve him, they were beaten badly. She also disclosed that the landlord had taken them to his farmhouse, which is located in a far-flung area. “At first, when he paid us 5,000 Rupees instead of the fixed salary (20,000 PKR); we complained after which he beat us.”

She had disclosed in her previous meeting with Saleem Iqbal that “He plainly told us that we will be paid only 5,000 -4,000 Rupees.” Ruth Bibi revealed that the landlord had enslaved her entire family at his farmhouse. Her husband and three children including two sons and one daughter. “He does not lets us go to church, even more, we are not permitted to meet our relatives.”