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Lahore: A Christian gets killed for protecting Christian youth from drug dealers


Pakistani Christians protesting

A Pakistani Christian gets butchered after preventing some Muslim drug dealers to access Christian youth in a village in Sheikhupura District.

As narrated by a local Christian, Pastor Alfred Azam residing in the same village as the victim, N Masih- the 55-year-old Christian who was slashed into pieces by the assassins in the fields, just outside the village. He says that at the time of the attack, the victim was cutting grass in the fields along with his Muslim friend. The two assassins attacked both of them, but his Muslim friend survived.

Pastor Alfred Azam told the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) that, “This is not the first incident of persecution of Christians in our village, local Muslims are always creating problems for our Christian community. Before and after our church services Muslim drug dealers swarm around our church trying to sell drugs to our vulnerable youth.”

“Some drug pushers move around in the Christian resident area and beat young Christians forcing them to take drugs in an attempt to get them addicted. When our older men tell these criminals to leave our young people alone they get killed,” he added.

The assailant lacerated his face, after slitting his throat with a sharp knife. After they had fled, the villagers rushed to help him; nonetheless it was too late by then. Despite the fact that the villagers have identified the two assailants still, local police is showing reluctance to take action against the two Muslim men, nor is there any FIR lodged of this case lodged.

Moreover, victim’s son, P Masih, said that he still can not believe what happened to his father. He said that he was shocked and ‘utterly horrified by the brutality of the savage attack,’ that had been carried out on his father. The victim’s family is left heartbroken and is traumatized.

Followed by reports of this attack, a team of BPCA arrived at the village and met with the family of the victim. The Christian family utterly shocked at the brutal slaughter of N Masih. BPCA learnt that the two assailants killed N Masih because he had sternly warned the two Muslim men to cease from trying to get Christian youth involved in the drug addiction.

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BPCA- Chairman states that the incident is another indicator to the fact that the minorities are no longer safe in Pakistan. “Often Pakistani Christians’ asylum applications to the U.K. are denied on the basis that Christians are offered a police service and have a judicial system set up to protects them. Yet in this case, once again we have evidence of a corrupt and poorly administered rule of law that is biased against the deprived Christian community.”

“Britain has to review its current home office policy toward Pak-Christians, their risk profile for such asylum seekers is based on the false premise that a developed law and order mechanism operates in Pakistan. This simply is not true.”

The plague of drug addiction gripped Christian communities in various areas of Pakistan. Christian youth enticed into drug addiction is now a rising concern, as wealthy and influential Muslim lords lure them into their snare. In the face of this peril, nothing much is being done, owing to the fact that these Muslim drug lords have influence over the police.