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Lahore: A Christian girl kidnapped, her employer allegedly wanted to convert her forcefully to Islam


Pakistani girls

A Christian girl allegedly kidnapped by her employer as she remains missing since she left for work and has not returned thus far.

In keeping with details, a Pakistani Christian girl, resident of Lahore Cantt, has been missing since she arrived at her work, her parents allege that she has been kidnapped by her Muslim employer.

The kidnapped girl, worked at Lahore’s Sun Rita Boutique, as a sales girl. She left home for her boutique on November 20. Her parents got troubled when she did not reach home even till 9:00 pm. After waiting for her till 10:00pm they started inquiring about their missing daughter.

They asked Uzma, the owner of the boutique about the disappearance of their daughter. At first Uzam and other administrators of the boutique got irritated about the questioning however, later they settled to cooperate with the Christian couple in finding their missing daughter.

Following day, on November 21, when the Christian girls’ father and brother went to the boutique owner, Uzma to inquire about their daughter, she assured them them ‘that she will make an effort to find her and also will try to trace her contact information with the help of FIA.

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While still in their presence she called an investigation officer and threatened him that she would inform higher authorities if they failed to locate the Christian girl. Later in the evening, the distressed Christians went to a nearby police station to lodge a police complaint against the owner of the boutique Uzma.

On the same evening the parents went to police station for the registration of complaint regarding their missing daughter against boutique’s owner Uzma, the police officer asked them few questions about her job.

However, just ten minutes after the police officer who was registering the complaint called Uzma, an Army official came to the police station and started pressurizing the police official not to register the FIR against Uzma. Nonetheless, the police official did register an FIR but not against Uzma but against unknown perpetrator.

The father and brother of the missing Christian girl claim that the rickshaw driver of the girl who is a Christian himself has testified that she did not come out of the boutique and he kept waiting for her. After waiting for a long time, he informed her parents. Moreover, the CCTV Camera has video clips of her coming in the boutique but no video of her going out.

It has been speculated by the parents and their legal advisors that since the owner of the boutique, Uzma wanted to convert her to Islam, her disappearance might be due to this cause.