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Lahore: A Christian youth’ arms lopped off after his refusal to denounce Christianity and convert to Islam


(Post Updated)

As previously reported by Saleem Iqbal; the Christian youngster’ arms chopped off by extremists after his refusal to denounce Christianity and accept Islam. The incident took place in Lahore’ LDA quarter area. The Christian victim of callousness Aqeel Masih was purportedly kidnapped by the religious fanatics, who tried to force him into conversion. However, recently, following an initial report, Aqeel Masih stated that he was never forced to convert to Islam, he stated that he lost his arms during a brawl with other men over drugs. Aqeel Masih’ recent statement is met with controversies, in the wake of his previous claims.

Pakistani Christians forced to convert to Islam

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UPDATE: According to Pakistan Today, the initial claim of Aqeel Masih was corroborated by his family member Martha Kamal, who said Masih had indeed had both arms chopped off for refusing to renounce his Christian faith and convert to Islam.

In the video clip Aqeel Masih can be seen stating that he was not forced to convert to Islam, nor his arms chopped off over his refusal to convert. In the video his father states that those who had done injustice to his son must be brought to justice. He urged CM Punjab and Federal Minister fro Human Rights to help his son, Aqeel Masih. “They started quarreling, after wards started pelting stones at me,” said Aqeel Masih.

“They brought an axe, it was too big, they chopped off my arm, I was in a state of half consciousness,” he continued. “I do not remember how they chopped off my other arm.I approached rescue 1122, they shifted me to an hospital.”

Police is investigating and we will update as soon as we get more details about this case.


True Story of Aqeel Masih Case, nobody forced me to change my religion, the reason of my arms are chopped off is fight over drugs.