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Lahore: A girl who converted to Christianity facing life threats from her family


Pakistani Christians

A formerly Muslim girl who converted to Christianity is facing severe threats to her life from her won family.

According to details, a 29-year-old, girl who had converted to Christianity is facing a life threatening situation as a FATWA has been issued against her; claiming she has no right to live because she is an apostate.

This girl, resident of a city in Punjab province (whose name is being withheld for the sake of her security); exhibited an inclination towards Christianity since quite some time. She used to read the Holy Bible while still at her father’s house. Moreover, she used to visit church with her Christian friend after conversion.

In 2005, she accepted Christ and began practicing Christianity, while still in her own house. Seeing her increasing interest in Christianity, her mother strictly, prohibited her to stop her going to church and reading the Bible. However, she continued to live out her newly found faith.

It so happened that , one day her mother saw her praying like Christians, She got furious and started beating her violently. Subsequently, her mother locked her up in her room, so that she could not visit the church. The family’s growing concern was to hide their daughter’s interest in Christianity. Moreover, her mother did not disclose to the rest of the family members that their daughter read the Bible regularly and prayed like Christians.

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One day, the girl managed to escape from her house some how. She reached a Christian friend’s house and asked for help. Subsequently, her Christian friend offered her shelter and protection. Since the time, she remained away from her house, her mother told all the family that she was away in another city for the sake of her new job, in some way her family got informed of her conversion and was furious.

With the knowledge that their daughter had converted to Christianity and had deliberately fled from the house for the sake of practicing Christianity, the family started a frenzied search for her in order to kill her. In the due course, her family sought her and found her.

When the enraged Muslim family reached the house of the Christians, they started demanding that their girl be brought out to them. Her father along with other family members started harassing the Christian family which has provided her shelter in their house. However, the girl managed to escape before her family could find her. After escaping from the house of her friend, she is now in an unknown place where she is safe from her family.

When the Muslim mob could not find their daughter, they started beating the Christian family. However, the neighbours jumped in and were successful in saving the Christians from the hands of the infuriated Muslims. Moreover, the Muslim mob threatened the Christians that if their daughter is not returned to them, they will kidnap their daughters as well as burn the houses of Christians in the area. The father of that girl also filed and FIR against the Christian friend and the family that they had kidnapped his daughter.

Later on, the girl married a Christian man and since then she had been facing life threats. With the passage of time, the harassed Christian family moved to some other location just for the sake of their lives.