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Lahore: A Muslim cleric and a Christian priest join hands to save the Pakistani Christians from persecution


Pakistani Christians

Syed Muhammad Abdul Khabir Azad, Grand Imam of the historical Badshahi mosque in Lahore and a Catholic priest Father James Channan have teamed up in order to help protect Pakistan’s Christian minority from persecution.

Both of these leaders have acquired a reputation of working in cooperation after the incidents in which target Christians in Pakistan. Imam Syed Muhammad Abdul Khabir Azad, expresses a strong opposition to the persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Father Channan is serving as the Director of Peace Centre, Lahore, while, Imam Abdul Khabir Azad serves as a board member and a collaborator of the Peace Centre.

Whenever, an incident of persecution of Christians occurs, Imam Abdul Khabir Azad and Father Channan take action promptly. They try to ensure healing to the affected Christians while most importantly as they endeavour proactively to curtail retaliatory attacks.

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In the case of the Youhanbad church blasts on March 15, earlier this year, Imam Abdul Khabir Azad, with approval from Father Channan, visited the Youhanabad’s Christian community the following day. He expressed solidarity with Christians, during his visit to Youhanabad.

Moreover, the next week, Imam Abdul Khabir Azad was the one who organized a march in front of Lahore’s momentous Badshai Mosque. During this march, thousands of Muslims demonstrated Muslim opposition to terrorism while at the same time, urging for peace and harmony in the country.

Moreover, the Peace Centre of Father Channan also carries out various projects, including efforts of squaring off and publishes a journal, titled “Umang.” At the same time, the Peace Centre, holds several Christian/ Muslim ecumenical conferences along with workshops all through the year.

On the other hand, Imam Abdul Khabir Azad directs attention on the rural Islamic clerics, who are time and again the leaders of religious hatred or aggression which leads to religion based violence. In addition to this, he has expressed a keen desire to bring about a positive change among these Islamic clerics so that they do not incite, they no longer relay hateful sermons against Christians from the loudspeakers of mosques against Christians.