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Lahore: A teenager cuts off his hand believing he had committed blasphemy


Blasphemy cases in Pakistan
A teenage boy curs off his own hand over allegedly committing blasphemy in a village Hujra Shah Muqeem district, of Pakistan’s Punjab.

News is that a 15-year-old Muhammad Anwar had cut off his own hand over allegedly committing blasphemy. The boy believed that he had committed blasphemy, by not offerings the prescribed Islamic prayers.

It has been reported that Muhammad Anwar was attending a religious gathering in a mosque in his village when the imam asked who in the crowd had stopped offering prayers, as the true Muslims always say their prayers. According to Nausher Ahmed-local police official; Anwar misheard the question and raised his hand.

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As soon as he raised his hand, the crown started accusing him of blasphemy. Anwar with an intention to please the villagers and imam went home and cut off the hand that he had raised in the gathering. Moreover, the police official also stated that after cutting his hand the boy put his amputated hand on a plate and presented it to the imam (cleric).

According to the police official, this incident took place about four days ago. After the boy’s act, his family and local villagers greeted him cheerfully. He claimed he has seen a video in which Anwar could be seen greeted by villagers in the street as well as his parents were proclaiming their pride.