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Lahore: Alarming increase in child abduction, Rawadari Tehreek calls for protest against dastardly inaction of police


An enormous increase in child abduction cases is witnessed in past few months in Lahore. According to statistics in compliance with newspapers, from January 2016 till July so far, 207 children have been abducted from Lahore. At least 20 children were abducted from Badami Bagh area of Lahore. About four of the children who went missing were killed sadistically.

Rawadari Tehreek protests against child abduction in Lahore

An interfaith advocacy group Rawadari Tehreek, called on the victimized families of Badami Bagh area, and conducted an investigation into the kidnappings. Rawadari Tehreek’s team offered commiserations to the parents of the juvenile victims. Rawadari Tehreek’s visiting team strongly condemned vile negligence and inaction by the police in this regard.

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In consequence to fumbling negligence of police to ward off the kidnappings, Rawadari tehreek with consensus of the residents of Badami Bagh neighborhood has announced a protest outside the Punjab Assembly. The agitated residents complained that in a period of few months there has been a surge in incidents of kidnappings and killings of children. Residents claimed that the dead bodies of the kidnapped children are recurrently discovered in bags, trash heaps or canals of waste water.

The residents of Badami Bagh briefed the visiting team of Rawadari Tehreek that out of 20 abducted children, 4 have been found dead while 16 are still missing. They said that locals are in a state of fear as they remain apprehensive about increased kidnappings of children. They grumbled about the negligence of authorities and police demonstrated in this regard. Parents of the abductees are imploring the authorities to take action against the racket operating in Lahore and ensure recovery of their children.

In this connection a protest is scheduled at the Charing Cross, Lahore on July 23, Saturday at 4 p.m. Rawadari Tehreek is urging all to join in this protest and raise voice against reprehensible negligence and inaction in this regard.