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Lahore: ATC summons 88 Christians involved in violence after bombings in two churches of Youhanabad



ATC summons 88 Christians who allegedly were involved in the violent riots which were the repercussion of bombings in two churches in Lahore in March earlier this year.

According to details, an Anti- Terrorism Court on October 17, Saturday, summoned about 88 Christians to appear before it. These Christians are allegedly involved in the aggressive riots as an upshot of the bombings in Lahore two churches of Lahore.

However, already Police has hooked more than 100 Christians who were suspected of linked the insurrection and lynching cases. Pervaiz Sahotra- head of a Pakistani Christian political party was also arrested. Naseeb Anjum, his lawyer stated that 88 Christians including Pervez Sahotra are already in police custody.

He further said, that the Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore directed the prosecutors to present these 88 Christians in the next hearing which is scheduled towards the end of this month. “The court will frame charges against them in the next hearing,” Naseeb Anjum said.

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Rev. Arshad Ashknaz of Christ Church said, “Look, people in our country have done bigger agitations in the past and caused much worse damage.” Had the police personals who were on duty at the scene embarked upon a timely action, this killing incident could have been prohibited. Nonetheless, he remains cynical about the fate of the detained Christians.

As a result of two church bombings in two different churches in Youhanabad which one of the largest Christian neighbourhoods not only of Lahore but of the country; at least 15 people were killed. In addition to this, dozens were injured. The two churches targeted were St. John’s Catholic Church and Christ Church.

Both these churches are located in Youhanabad. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside both the churches while church services were held inside the churches. These attacks prompted aggressive protests from the Christians which resulted in the deaths of two Muslims who were mistaken by Christians for terror suspects. This retaliatory violence that followed the blasts resulted in bloodshed.