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Lahore Attack: “Pray for the terrorists” a Pakistani pastor urges country’s Christians


Pakistani priest

In the wake of Easter bombing, a Pakistani priest calls for prayers for the terrorists.

In line with details, Reverand Fayaz Adman has laid stress on the fact that Pakistan’s Christians should be praying for the terrorists who targeted the Christian community on the occasion of Easter. Previously, Reverend Fayaz Adman had lost 27 people from his family as a result of Peshawar’s All Saints Church blasts. Reverend Fayaz Adnam who is currently priest-in-charge of West Bolton, UK; finds his roots in Peshawar, where he was born and bread. He was baptized, confirmed and ordained at the All Saints Church.

After he had lost 27 family members in the twin suicide bombings at the All Saints Church in Peshawar, he felt motivated to initiate an aid and assistance project called Umeed (Project Hope; for the victims of the All Saints Church blasts. Under this project efforts were made to infuse restoration to the physically, mentally or psychologically suffering victims of the All Saints Church blasts.

Just few yards away from the All Saints Church, the project’s office was set up in November 2013. While remarking about the impact his project has had on the victims, he said, “When we went back in June, to see the impact of the work, most of the victims were walking on their own feet which gave me comfort and peace”, he added.

“Most of the children who were injured were healed and most were back in school. Women had been trained to start up small businesses at home and those who were the heads of the family were back in work.”

Now after about two and a half years after what Reverend Fayaz Adman terms as “the first attack in history on Christians in Pakistan with such a massive loss”, Pakistan’s Christians have been made to weather yet another calamity when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a crowded park in Lahore on Easter, March 27.

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“The target was Christians,” a spokesperson of the terrorist outfit declared in a statement after claiming responsibility of the attack. While the attack resulted in loss of more than 75 lives, and above 300 people got injured, it has been speculated that majority of the victims were Christians.

“These are my Christian brothers and sisters,” Reverend Fayaz Adman said of the victims. “This is just another episode of the persecution, after Peshawar. They [the terrorists] can’t stop, and they will continue.”

Owing to the fact that the extremists deem Christianity an adversary, Reverend Fayaz Adman said that he believes that the extremists will continues to target country’s Christians. Nonetheless, he harbours a passion about extending encouragement to the Pakistani Christians to remain hopeful in the mist of the raging storm of the persecution. In order to cope with the increasing persecution, Christians living in Pakistan and other countries should resort to “prayer” he said.

“We need to pray for those who control these innocent people” who are manipulated into committing suicide attacks. Each and every Muslim is not a terrorist, but could easily be manipulated into being one.”

The blight of terrorism in gaining foothold due to a number of reasons, he maintains. “There is poverty in Pakistan and because of low levels of education, those in positions of power pick out innocent people to use and abuse, turning them into suicide bombers. When these controlling hands use these innocents, they pay a good amount to their family members. That is the key.”

Along with praying for those who are controlling the “innocent” people manipulated into becoming terrorists, Reverend Fayaz Adman expressed hope that the Pakistani Christians could be imparted “proper training on how to handle these kinds of incidents and how to help traumatized people.”

“The basic or prime responsibility, for the Christian leadership in Pakistan is to stand up and demand in a decent way to change the discriminatory laws and the translation of the Holy Scriptures in the modern time, or they will continue to face these problems and discrimination.”