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Lahore attack: There are still many victims in critical condition, a local missionary says


Lahore blast victims

Christian Aid Mission and its allied ministries are extending an extensive aid to the injured Muslim and Christian victims of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park blast.

Pakistani ministries which are working in collaboration, with the Christian Aid Mission say that “We are praying that we will have an opportunity through this to build further relationships, and through this very practical expression of the love of our Lord for others, the ministry will be encouraged to love their neighbors, that many would come to know their Savior,” said a director of Pakistani ministry serving the victims of the blast.

Local ministries are also expressing great concerns that the medical treatment is expensive, which makes it hard for all the victims to get quality treatment. A missionary said, hospital care is costly in Pakistan, and that medical costs of many go beyond what the government has promised.

“There are three hospitals, and one of them is a government hospital. At the government hospital, there are costs involved for food and special medical tests, and the other costs are covered by the hospital. The other two are private hospitals, and the families have to cover their own costs.”

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Those who have survived are still coping with the trauma, “Several people are daily wage workers, and right now they are going to work while dealing with the trauma. They need a one-time meal or meals for a month, and then we’re providing counselling to overcome the loss and trauma. We are working with both Muslim and Christian communities. We are praying for everyone,” the missionary said.

While remarking about current situation of the victims being treated in the hospitals, the missionary further said that “There are people in the hospitals who are still in critical condition. We were told that the attack was targeting Christians, but the majority who were affected were Muslims.”

He said that though government has announced donations for the victims of the blasts, the amount announced is not enough, in order to meet the entire expenses of treatment. However, he complains that promises of such aid have not been fulfilled in the past, nevertheless, he said that there were reports that the financial assistance announced by the government is being withdrawn.