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Lahore: Authorities urged to take notice of sewage problems in Youhanabad


Chairman Union Council 246- Asif Sohail Khokhar has urged the authorities to take notice of the sewage problem in the Youhanabad area. He said that Youhanabad has become hub of various problems -sewage system is below the standards, so much so that land outside the church is inundated by sewage water.

Christians in Lahore

Asif Sohail while talking with media said that the drainage system has failed to cope with rain water. He further pointed out that the situation in Asif Town has deteriorating. Swarms of mosquitoes are breeding upon the sewage water which inundates streets. He said that whenever it pours down, rain water is not drained but instead floods streets and roads causing many accidents.

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Union Council Chairman further said that the Town Municipality and DCO were contacted in this regard repeatedly; no action has been taken by the concerned authorities. He complained that the municipality has failed to maintain sanitation in the area, which has brewed several problems for the residents. “Street leading to church gets inundated with sewage water,” he complained.

Asif Sohail Khokhar said that that the concerned authorities are requested to take notice of the problems causing nuisance to the locals. He urged the Chief Minister of Pakistan to take notice of the negligence exhibited by the authorities and direct the municipality to take efficacious action in this regard so that the locals find relief.