Lahore: Christian family embroiled in false abduction case


A Christian family is in deep trouble after being embroiled in a false case of abduction. The family is being tortured by the police; meanwhile the complainant is harassing them causing extreme nuisance for them. In this regard an FIR no 1023/17 was lodged in Nawa Kot police station, in Lahore.

Christian family persecuted in Lahore

Issac TV reporter Saleem Iqbal informed CIP that the victimized family claims false case was an attempt to expropriate their property. The complainant Muhammad Arshad has nominated six members of the victimized Christian family in a false abduction case. Muhammad Arshad occupies Christian family’s house as a tenant. Victimized family revealed that Muhammad Arshad has accused them of abducting a 17 days old baby girl.

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Saleem Iqbals’ report, shows Akram Masih revealing that he and his family has no idea about the missing baby girl. It has been a month and a half that the police are tormenting Akram’s sons Amir Masih, Irfan Masih and one more. He said that his three sons were locked behind the bars even without being arrested.

It has been forty days that the three Christians have been detained. What is more, the police are also intimidating and abuse female members of the Christian family. The victims claim that Muhammad Arshad had fabricated a false case against them in order to avoid payment of rent due from past seven months.

The victimized Christians are urging the authorities to take notice of the incident and help them. They detailed that the police is subjecting the detained sons to excruciating torture, while Muhammad Arshad is demanding for the return of the baby girl. “We do not know about the baby how can we return her,” victim said in a video report.

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