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Lahore: Christian lawmakers close their eyes to police’ sacrilegious spree at a church during Sunday service


Pakistani Christians express angst as Christian lawmakers have closed their eyes to a recent incident of police’ rampage against the United Christian Church in Lahore’ Fazalia Colony. Condemnations have been heaped on the Christian lawyers for their inaction in response to the incident. The incident took place on June 12, Sunday when police stormed into the church during the prayer service.

Police rampage against Christians in Lahore

During the sacrilegious spree, police tortured Pastor Riaz Rehmat and violated the sanctity of the church. Police personnel from the Ichraa Police Station; stormed into the church at about 11:50 pm, when Sunday service was going on. The charge was purportedly owing to the sound system feud, which was a protest from the local Christians.

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The agitated Christians demanded action against the perpetrators who had committed the sacrilegious act against the church. The protest was called off; later on when the police officials assured the protesters that due action will be taken against the policemen responsible for the sacrilegious assault. “God forbidden, if a Christian would have committed such sacrilegious act, he would have incriminated of charges as relentless as blasphemy and others,” Christian protesters complained.

In the wake of the vandalism, Christian lawmakers and lawyers are being urged to take abrupt action against those responsible. The Christian leadership is urged to get an FIR registered against the perpetrators including charges of desecrating a place of worship and obstructing prayer service.