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Lahore: Christian teen gunned down over petty dispute


A Christian teen dies as a result of petty dispute, in Lahore. The deceased identified as Daneyal Inayyat was gunned down while another Christian was severely injured on September 1, Friday. A police compliant has been registered against the perpetrators whilst it is unclear if the police have hooked them or not.

Christians killed in Pakistan

Javed Innayat elder brother of the deceased maintained in the FIR (First Information Report) that on September 1, around 7 pm a petty dispute arose between a Christian man Arif Masih resident of Qadri Colony, Walton Road Lahore. Arif had engaged in a brawl with a Muslim man Nasir son of Boota Bhatti.

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The complainant reported that he and Daneyal were in their house at that time, however when he heard the voices of Arif Masih who is his uncle, he rushed outside. Daneyal Innayat, along with Waris and Pervez sons of Arif Masih also dashed to the scene in order to rescue Arif Masih. Javed claims that he and others tried to pacify Nasir.

Meanwhile, few others including Asad son of Mian Muhammad Boota, Abu Bakar, Faisal son of Boota and three unidentified men arrived at the scene and started abusing Arif Masih and rest of the Christians. Javed Innayat claimed that Asad ran into office of Khawaja Imran and brought a pistol.

Asad opened fire at Arif, Javed, Daneyal, Pervez and Waris. A bullet pierced through chest of 15 years old Daneyal while Waris got hit on his left ankle. By then, neighbors arrived at the scene which compelled culprits to flee from the scene.

Critically wounded Daneyal and Waris were rushed to hospital whilst Daneyal succumbed to his wounds on the way to the hospital. However, Waris is still in critical condition and is receiving medical treatment. “I request you to take action in this matter,” Javed maintains in the FIR. Javed complains that his cousin Waris was wounded while brother Daneyal was killed over a petty dispute.

Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD) a local group that provides legal aid to the persecuted Christians strongly condemned the incident, demanding immediate action against the perpetrators.