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Lahore: Christians’ graveyard turns into puddle as consequence of alleged negligence from local authorities


A Christians’ graveyard in Lahore Cantonment area, owing to alleged defraud on behalf of the local authorities. In a media report, it was detailed that funds of billions allocated for maintenance and restoration of the graveyard had been embezzled. The report further stated that owing to inattention from Christian MPA’s and Cantonment Board, sewerage has infiltrated the burial land while cattle dung can be seen piled up on the graves. Local Christians agitated over desecration of graves.

Christians' graveyard flooded by sewerage

The graveyard falls in the jurisdiction of the elected Christian counselor of the area Kamla Munir Khokhar. When contacted in this regard, her husband Munir Khokhar Masih said that he is awaiting funds from the local authorities and will take on the renovation and cleaning of the graveyard consequently.

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Christians claim that due to lack of drainage of sewerage, Christians’ graveyard has been inundated. As a result the graveyard has turned into a pool. They are urging the authorities to look into the matter, and make arrangements for proper sewerage of the area. Local Christians are expressing grief over the defilement of graves, and are asking for due action from the concerned authorities.