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Lahore: Christians stage protest in front of old graveyard in NA-120


Christians nestled in Lahore’s NA-120 constituency staged protest in front of an old graveyard calling for government’s attention towards the wear and tear to the cemetery. The Taxali Gate graveyard, which has been used by the Christian community, is now in a bad shape. Local Christians rant and rave over what is described as crisis in the maintenance of the graveyard.

Taxali Gate graveyard

Christians protested against the negligence of the concerned authorities as the graveyard is deteriorating through weathering. They criticized the authorities saying neglect of the site also threatens the rich social history the graveyard contains.

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This protest was led by senior members of Pakistan Minorities’ Movement. PMM’s Zia Khokhar, Chaudhry Iqbal, Aslam Bhatti and many others. These leaders were accompanied by Christian residents of NA 120. The protesters maintained that the concerned authorities have completely disregarded the maintenance of the cemetery.

They detailed that owing to lack of cleanliness and maintenance; the graves are almost covered by grass while the graveyard has become home to snakes and mongooses. The graveyard is also inhabited by dengue mosquitoes which have added to the problems of the Christians visiting the graveyard. They urged the authorities to take efficacious action and ensure that the graveyard is kept clean and an in order.

While protesting, Christians said that the feast of Marry is approaching and the congregants assemble at this graveyard, for this reason government must pay attention to their demand. We call upon the government to make arrangements for the immediate cleaning of the cemetery, they demanded. On this occasion, a police official called the protesters to police station so as to chalk out solution to their problem.