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Lahore: Christmas celebrated with religious zeal and fervor


The Christian community of Lahore, celebrated Christmas with traditional zeal and fervency. On Sunday, December 25; thousands of Christians congregated at various churches in the city. Christmas festivities kicked started with special mass services in connection with Christmas. Priests delivered special Christmas sermons while congregations sang Christmas carols and hymns to celebrate the great occasion.

Pakistani Christians celebrate Christmas

During the sermons, Priests urged upon the believers to uphold love, peace and harmony in the world and become messengers of Lord Jesus Christ. At the same time, believers are urged to extend love, care and affection to the poor and underprivileged and share the joy and fun of the season with them.

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At this occasion local authorities ensured strict security in and around churches as heavy contingents of police were deployed during the services. Bishop Irfan Jamil while appreciating the security measures taken by the local authorities said: “We are satisfied with the security the government of Pakistan has provided us. Police and administration cooperated with us.”

In this connection, one of the main masses was held at the Cathedral Church situated at the Regal Chowk. Bishop Irfan Jamil sermonized message of love, peace and sacrifice. He offered special prayers for the country and praying for advancement of interfaith harmony and strengthening of ties between people from various faiths and ethnicity. He prayed that the elements intending to sow discord must be exposed, singled out and hooked.

During these masses, special prayers were also offered for peace and prosperity of the country. At the same time, priests and congregants urged for an urgent need to nurture unity among people from all faiths, sects and ethnic backgrounds and languages. They called upon the believers to play their part effectively in promoting peace and love in the society.

For the occasion of Christmas, special Christmas cakes and candies had been prepared by the bakers and confectioners. Christmas merriment was amplified by the exchange of Christmas gifts among the family members and friends trailed by lavish feats. The occasion was also marked by visits to the family and friends and recreational places like, Zoo, parks, cinemas and restaurants etc.