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Lahore: Church buckling down to uphold peace and harmony


Attempting to endorse peace and social harmony in Pakistan, Caritas stages a show themed on peace and harmony. Performers from Ajoka- one of Pakistan’s most famed companies performed in the show. In the midst of mushrooming intolerance and extremism, Church takes up the chore of creating a weighty change in society involving each and every community down to every individual. Scenes depicting love, peace, coexistence and social harmony were the highlights of the show.

Caritas Pakistan organizes a show in Lahore

The play was co-organized by the Ajoka actors, who strive to eliminate “conservative mentality.” The show was organized on July 13, at the Renewal Center of Youhanabad- a predominantly Christian neighborhood in Lahore. An audience of hundreds applauded the striking message of peace and harmony. At the same time, Caritas expressed expectation that efforts of this kind will continue in order to promote peace and social concord.

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While remarking about the theme of the show, Archbishop of Lahore Msgr. Sebastian Shaw said: “We were sent to earth to spread the Gospel message of love and peace. We must accept this challenge in a historical moment in which hatred and extremism are driven by a negative mindset. Our sole mission is to continue to promote peace at all costs.” Lauding the efforts of the performers and organizers, the Archbishop expressed contentment as he said: “We must all learn to be together. It is time to forget our enmity and shake hands.”

Member of Ajoka theatre’s Executive Board, Mr. Sohail Waraich said that the enterprise “is fighting to raise awareness of issues affecting the various communities. Every Pakistani should participate in similar events, because bringing people together is the only way to fight a conservative mentality.”