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Lahore: Churches in Youhanabad receive threats of terrorist attacks on Christmas



Churches in Youhanabad, receive threats of possible terrorist attacks on Christmas.

According to details, churches and Christians in Youhanabad- one of the largest Christian neighbourhoods in Pakistan have reportedly received threats from the terrorists. Reports have that terrorists have threatened of attacks on Christmas.

According to Fides, several churches have verified these reports and have signalled in agreement that they have received threats from the terrorists. Consequently, these churches reported these threats to the authorities, while at the same time, the authorities of the churches have urged for an increased security.

Followed by suicide bombings, in two churches of Youhanabad, in March earlier this year the Christian residents of this neighbourhood are constantly living in fear. However, these recent threatening messages have caused their fear to augment.

In this regard, a Christian school teacher Nusrat Bibi, resident of Youhanabad, said, “This year, fear and uncertainty reign in the streets of Youhanabad, no one feels safe. There will not be the usual stalls and Christmas decorations. It feels as if someone has stolen our happiness.”

Local churches have resorted to deployment of their own security contingents which included local Christian youth, despite the fact that police had been deployed in Youhanabad. Churches in Youhanabad, have their own, supervisory body which keeps a check on the security position of the churches.

In this regard, a Pakistani Christian NGO, “Life for All” (LFA) has urged for prayers. “A special weapon is prayer”, noted “Life for All” (LFA), while at the same time inviting the civil society to take part in a campaign of “prayer for peace.” This campaign is related to coming of Christmas.

In a letter to Fides, President of “Life For All”-Xavier Williams stated, “For years, Pakistan has been fighting against terrorism that has hit the streets, squares, schools, mosques and churches.

We will continue to pray unceasingly to God for the gift of peace, invoking the strength to overcome difficult moments like this. Terrorism is a challenge that affects us all. Christmas is a message of joy, hope and victory over death.”