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Lahore: Churchmen condemn propagation of anti-Christians content on media


Pakistani churchmen have denounced propagation of anti-Christians content on electronic and social media. They have urged the authorities to take steps in order to stop the anti-Christian hatred being aired on Pakistani TV channels.

Churches in Lahore

For this reason, churchmen from several denominations gathered under the banner of Ecumenical Solidarity Commission of Lahore and voiced serious concerns about the issue. Priests urged the concerned authorities “to stop the denigration campaign that instigates violence against religious minorities,” Fides reports.

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Representatives of the Anglican, Presbyterian and Catholic Churches were present on this occasion. The members strongly censured recent television broadcasts, articles and social media content that degrade Pakistani Christians.

The clergymen unanimously decided to write an official letter to the government and Amar Mehmood, owner of the “Dunyia Tv” television channel. Reportedly during a TV show some public figures, who were invited as guests continually said defamatory words against Christians on air.

Christian leaders said: “This wave of hatred will be brought to the attention of the higher authorities.” Another drama titled “Baji Irshad” was also discussed during the meeting which was termed deplorable. The Christian leaders also discussed the controversial issue of misuse of blasphemy law. They condemned the heinous murder of Mashal Khan, as they demanded concrete steps in order to prevent misuse of blasphemy law.

Father Inayat Bernard said that misuse of blasphemy laws “has already unjustly struck thousands of people, including Muslims, Christians and Hindus who are in prison.” In a note sent to fides, Father Inayat Bernard stated: “A Muslim woman, Noreen Laghari, militant of the Islamic State, confessed that she intended to program an attack with the aim of killing at least 50 Christians on Easter Day.

She was arrested and, thanks to the effective measures taken by the Punjab government to ensure the security of churches, a massacre was avoided. The question is: will innocent Christian Asia Bibi, who is in prison, be treated with the same criteria?”

On this occasion, the clergymen offered special prayers for Christians across the globe. They prayed specially for Christians in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.