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Lahore: Despite inconsistent information Christian booked in blasphemy case


Police books a Christian Babu Shehzad under 295-B, detaining him without eye witnesses. Activists claim police has booked the respondent merely out of pressure and not in line with the legal procedures. The incident has sparked outcry from rights activists including Christians and Muslims.

Blasphemy cases in Pakistan

In keeping with details, the complainant Haji Nadeem claimed that Babu Shehbaz had committed blasphemy because he had seen desecrated pages of the holy Quran. Haji Nadeem told the police that, “while going to mosque in the morning at fajr (morning prayer) he came across torn pages of the Holy Quran with the name of “Shahbaz Babu” written on them hence they believe that Shahbaz Babu desecrated the Quran,” prominent young activist Muhammad Jibran Nasir revealed.

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“In simple terms the complainant’s story is that a Christian man desecrated the Quran while hidden from everyone’s eyes and then he left evidence by writing his name on the torn pages so that he could be caught later,” Jibran Nasir quotes.

In this regard, an FIR no 1906/16 has been registered in Nashtar Police Station in Lahore. Media reported that following the registration of the FIR,police arrested Shehbaz and detained him. Section 295/B of Pakistan Penal Code has been invoked against him; if convicted he will no doubt face lifetime imprisonment.

This becomes one of several cases when blasphemy law has been invoked against Christian respondents. The recent victim Pastor Babu Shehbaz is son of Vero Masih of Kamaha Lahore. If convicted of blasphemy, the respondent will face lifetime imprisonment. Moreover, there are claims that police did not allow the family to meet Shehbaz since his arrest.