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Lahore: Disquieting religion based persecution impels Christian family beat a hasty retreat to safe harbor


Christian family flees home followed by threats from religious fanatics. The family was pestered by extremists followed by their children forced to convert at school. Hailing from a meager background, the family was forced to abandon their house and relocate.

Christians forced to flee from their houses

In compliance with Asia News 45-year-old, Christian mother disclosed her ordeal stating that her family was well-settled in Khanewal, she further revealed that she worked as a private school teacher while her husband ran a shop to make both ends meet. She said that she had three children including one son and two daughters who were attending a middle-school.

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She recalled that her family landed into a mire of trouble back in 2013, when the eldest son Raheel (real name withheld) said that he did not want to go school. She said that her son claimed that his senior school mate beat him and threw him on the ground and chocked him while shouting “recite the kalima.”

Learning about the matter, horrified mother approached the school administration, and was satisfied with apologies however, after a few months, her two daughters were forced by a fellow student to recite a hymn, before the school assembly. Appalled Christian mother disclosed that father of the student who had coerced her daughters to recite the hymn claimed that the Christian girls were no longer Christian as they had recited the hymn.

Consequently, the Christian family left Khanewal and moved to Lahore in order to avoid hassle. After years, Raheel was again subjected to religion based harassment at his university when the professor said that killing of non-Muslims is justifiable. Petrified at what the teacher said, Raheel was fearful for his life. “If my classmates discovered my religion, they would tear me into pieces,” he said.