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Lahore: Dutch Ambassador calls on Christian activist, human rights situation discussed


Dutch Ambassador Her Excellency Jeannette Seppen called on Sajid Christopher- President of Human Friends Organization (HFO) and Convener National Minority Rights Network (NMRN). She was accompanied by recently appointed political officer Martijn Beerthuizen, at this occasion. Situation of human rights in the country was brought under discussion during the meeting.

Pakistani Christian activist Sajid Christopher

This meeting was held at the office of Human Friends Organization (HFO) in Lahore. More significantly, persecution of Christians in Pakistan and the plight of other religious minorities were also assessed. At the same time, worsening situation of human rights abuses was discussed as they mulled over the waning conditions.

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Sajid Christopher ardently expressed demand for equal rights for all citizens regardless of their religion, maintaining that Human Friends Organization (HFO) and National Minority Rights Network (NMRN) have always taken stern stance against the violation of human rights in the country.

Sajid Christopher further revealed that on October 5, during a meeting held between National Minority Rights Network (NMRN) and the human rights officers of the USA Embassy, the plight of minorities was weighed. “NMRN is a network of human rights activists working for the rights of minorities,” he said while explaining his endeavors.

“We have activists hailing from all the four provinces of the country, who are striving against the human rights violations in the country,” he said. “We at the NMRN aim for a pluralistic society, where all citizens are equal and enjoy equal rights – eyeing for promotion of human dignity.”

“NMRN promotes a bright, soft and pluralistic image of our beloved country. God bless Pakistan,” he avowed.