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Lahore: Extremists threaten to burn 13 Christians alive, carry off Christian girls of the hood


13 Christians of same family are being threatened by extremists in Lahore, Haji Park, Taj pura area. The extremists have threatened to burn these Christians alive in reprisal to an incident of a Muslim woman eloping with a Christian. The agitated locals have hurled severe threats at the Christian residents of the area, who are left in the lurch.

Extremists threaten to burn Christians alive

This antagonism was generated among the local Muslims after a Christian namely Bahadur eloped with a Muslim woman who was already married and mother of two. Followed by their elopement, the local Muslim became furious and threatened the Christians of the area of dire consequences.

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What is more, the enraged fanatics threatened of abducting Christian girls of the area and burning them alive. The situation has left local Christian residents up for grabs. In the face of the looming storm, Christian leadership is urged to take note of the frightening situation.

Moreover, Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights Khaleel Tahir Sindhu, Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael, Christian lawmakers and law enforcing authorities are being urged to help the imperiled Christians and take timely action to ward off violence.

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