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Lahore: Furious Muslims kill a Christian boy who married their daughter after she converted to Christianity


Pakistani Christian shot dead

LAHORE: A young Christian shot dead by Muslim relatives of his formerly Muslim wife.

According to Christian News, a Pakistani Christian 28-year-old, Aleem Masih married 23-year-old Nadia, who converted to Christianity from Islamic roots. Last year the two got married and fled because of strong reaction from the family of Nadia.

A Pakistani NGO states that, “The couple fled to Narang Mandi, some 60 kilometers 37 miles away from Lahore, as Nadia’s Muslim family launched a manhunt for them to avenge the shame their daughter had brought upon them by recanting Islam and marrying a Christian.

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However, the couple was well aware of the threats to their life, soon sought police protection as they filed a petition in the Lahore High Court that Muslim relatives of Nadia were threatening the couple and family of Aleem Masih as well.

It was on July 30, that the Muslim relatives of Nadia learnt that the couple is due to see a doctor in Khaliqnagar, in the Youhanabad area, that same evening. The eye-witnesses state that Nadia’s father, Muhammad Din Meo, along with his sons, initially seized the driver of the rickshaw in which the couple were riding and abducted the couple. “They took the couple to a nearby farm,” NGO reveals.

“The Muslim men first brutally tortured the couple with fists and kicks and then thrice shot Aleem Masih – one bullet hit him in his ankle, the second in the ribs while the third targeted his face. Nadia was shot in the abdomen.”

Nadia’s father and brothers left the scene believing they had killed the couple and “The attackers returned to their village and publicly proclaimed that they had avenged their humiliation and restored the pride of the Muslims by killing the couple in cold blood,” the NGO details.“Nadia’s brother, Azhar, then presented himself before the police and confessed to having killed his sister and her Christian husband.”

Shortly, when locals informed the police about the incident, the Police arrived at the farmhouse and found Nadia breathing while Aleem was dead by then. “She was shifted to the General Hospital in Lahore, where she is fighting for her life after a major operation in which two bullets were removed from her abdomen,” stated the NGO.

The NGO further revealed that their team visited the hospital and witnessed a mob of Islamists there. “The mob, some of them armed with weapons, was shouting furious anti-Christian slogans. They were also praising Azhar for restoring the pride of the Muslim community.The mob was also chanting slogans saying that, “Azhar had earned his place in paradise for killing an ‘infidel.’”

A similar mob gathered outside the police station chanting slogans in favour of Azhar. While at the same time they tried to pressurise the police. The pressure on police can be observed from the fact that despite an FIR was lodged the next day against Azhar, his brothers and father yet police has not taken any action what so ever.

Moreover, the Muslim family along with Islamist groups are now threatening the Defence counsel of Aleem Masih’s family and are pressurising her to withdraw the charges against Azhar and his family.“We are pursuing the case nonetheless,” the attorney of Aleem said, adding that “Murder in the name of religion and honour must not be allowed, and the perpetrators should be held accountable for this brutal act.”