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Lahore High Court Takes Notice Of Christian Women Paraded Naked Incident


LAHORE: The Lahore High Court takes notice of the incident of a landlord abusing three Christian women in District Kasur.



LHC takes notice of Pattoki incident
LHC takes notice of Pattoki incident

In consistency with the details, the complaint cell of the Lahore High Court orders District & Sessions Judge of Kasur to submit a detailed report within a week. Moreover LHC has directed the District & Sessions Judge of Kasur to make an impartial inquiry against the accused landlord his accomplices.



LHC has taken an ungrudging notice of a news report stating the story of a landlord, forcing Christian Ladies to walk naked in the streets of Patoki. Besides, the Court has directed the district session Judge to hold an unbiased inquiry into the matter and submit a report about the competence of Police Department regarding this case within a week.




As reported earlier, Sadiq Masih a resident of Sraser Chark No.21 stated that their goats accidentally entered the fields owned by the local Land Lord Muhammad Munir . onsequently, the landlord restrained the goats and when Sadiq Masih went there to apologize and get back his goats Munir started slapping and calling bad names. Sadiq Masih in retaliation slapped, Muhammad Munir. The landlord got furious at this and threatened him of dire consequences .





Sadiq Masih further added that the he came with his workers; climbed the boundary walls and entered in the house, at that time his wife and three daughters in law were sleeping. They started looking for his sons who were on gone on their night shifts. Upon failure to find his sons, they started torturing the ladies while bringing them out of the house after tearing their clothes and forced them to walk naked in the streets.




Subsequent to humiliating three Christian ladies they threatened the villagers not to report the matter to the Police and warned them of dreadful consequences if anyone tried to do so. However someone reported the matter to the Police while Muhammad Munir and his accomplices were harassing the locals however, police reached very late on the crime scene. Police showed reluctance to register a case against the landlord.




However in contrast to these allegations, a fact finding report by an organization CLAAS claims that the women were not paraded naked nonetheless, their clothes got torn while the intruders beat them.