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Lahore: Indigent Christian family dispossessed of their house under the aegis of land grabbers


A Christian namely Jameel Masih and his family were forcibly dispossessed of their house by the land mafia, in Lahore. The indigent Christian family was left flat-broke, after having nowhere to lodge. Followed by illegal land grabbing, the Christian was urging the higher authorities to take note of their plight.

Land mafia grabbed house of a Christian

Jamil Masih, who was resident of Glaxo Town Lahore, was illegally rendered homeless by the mafia. Consequently, the Christian family and other Christians of the neighborhood staged a protest in order to get their voice heard. They urged the Prime Minister of Pakistan to take action against the land grabbers. “We condemn this illegal dispossession in strongest possible words,” the irate Christians explained.

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The protesters were chanting slogans declaring, “Jameel Masih and his children have been left homeless by the land mafia.” They went on to insist the Premier saying “We appeal to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, to take stern action against the thugs and land grabbers operating blatantly, so that nobody is dispossessed of their property in future.”

“Honorable Prime Minister we beseech you to make sure that the indigent Christian family gets possession of their house once again,” the protesters demanded. At the same time they invoked the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to investigate into the illegal dispossession of the Christian family at the hands of the land mafia.

Women were carrying placards, urging the CCPO Lahore, to pay heed to the cry of Jameel Masih as the land mafia is still in possession of his house despite the court had ruled in his favor. Another placard read, “Arrest the land grabbers.” Another protesting woman held a placard which read, “Stop persecution of Christians.”