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Lahore: Petition filed for ealry hearing of appeal case of a Christian accused of sending blasphemous text messages


Pakistani Christians

A petition seeking an early hearing of blasphemy accused Christian filed in the Lahore High Court.

According to details, Sajjad Masih, a Pakistani Christian was accused of sending blasphemous text messages from his mobile phone on July 13, 2013. Owing to the death threats to Sajjad Masih’s family, the terrified Christian family is living in hidding since his arrest.

As is customary in blasphemy cases, the family of Sajjad Masih are also facing death threats and harassment from the Islamists, as a result of which they live amidst fear of possible attack from the Islamists. The petitioner Sarfraz Masih, brother of Sajjad Masih stated, “We were attacked, beaten and got death threats from unidentified culprits therefore We cannot stay in one place for very long and live in hiding without disclosing the exact residence. The children cannot settle and go to school with fear of attacks. It is our request and we urge the international community to speak up for his brother.”

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Sarfraz Masih while remarking about the aftermath of the blasphemy accusations on his brother further said, that “the blasphemy legislation had “ruined” our family’s lives as many other’s” while urging the government of Pakistani to revoke the law because under its auspices the entire Pakistani Christian community suffers if in any case a Christian is accused in blasphemy.

Further more, Sarfraz Masih also revealed an incidence when he and his son were attacked by Islamists just recently on October 22, while they were on their way back to home after Sajjad in prison.

Sajjad was hooked by the police in 2011, and two FIRs were filed against him, in the main, an FIR No. 820/2011 under section 295 C PPC 16 MPO and 25-D Telegraph Act Sajjad was convicted by the court and was awarded a life imprisonment while, another FIR No 80/2012 under section 295 B and C PPC and section 25-D telegraph act was overturned.