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Lahore police dashes to the crescendo of sadism: Christian woman gang-raped, as a reprisal for a Christian’ elopement with a Muslim woman


Lahore Police reaches to the apex of sadism as four men gang rape sister of a Christian who eloped with a Muslim woman. The heinous incident took place in Lahore’ Haji Park, Taj pura. Tensions were already on the higher side, as the victim’ brother Bahadur had eloped with an already married Muslim woman.

Lahore police attacks Christians in Taj pura

The Christian woman, who had been subjected to sexual assault by four men, is sister of Bahadur, a Christian who had eloped with a Muslim woman of the same neighborhood. The four men stormed into the house of the victim, at 10 a.m. today, June 25, Saturday. “They asked me about my brother, and dragged me in a room,” the victim narrates her ordeal.

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“My children kept yelling at them, but they did not care. My elder sister (Shagufta) is already in police’ custody since last night,” she said while tears inundate her eyes. “I cannot even tell what they did to me,” she said. “We want justice,” she said repeatedly.

She claims that the four rapists told them that they had been advised by the police to rape her only then the Christian family will hand over Bahadur to the police. “How can we state where Bahadur is, when we do not have any clue,” said another family member. “Police hurls atrocious mockery at my elder sister, who is currently in police custody. They threaten to rape her as well,” she disclosed. “The four men tore my clothes,” she said while adding that they subjected her to inhumane sexual torture. She pleaded for help, “save me and my sister,” she beseeches.

My sister and I have been greatly humiliated, she said while sobbing. Police has been under the influence of the other party, the Christian family claims. “If our brother is their culprit why do they sexual abuse us, it’s between them and my brother,” she said. The Muslim woman consented to elope with my brother; no body forced her to flee. She should have thought about her two children, about us,” she went on.

“We are Christians, we do not get help from anyone,” she complained while pleading for justice. The Christian family landed into trouble when Bahadur resident of Haji Park’ Taj Pura area, eloped with a married Muslim woman. The elopement engendered indignation among the local Muslims.

The Muslim husband of the woman had lodged an FIR against the Christians accusing them of kidnapping his wife. Just a few hours before this heinous incident, Shagufta, elder sister of the rape victim and Bahadur was hooked by male police constables from Shad Bagh Police station. Shagufta was publicly humiliated by the police and has been detained illegally.

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