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Lahore Police Develops Text-Based Complaint Management System


LAHORE: An SMS based complaint management system has been developed by Lahore police.

Lahore Police to launch text-based complaint management system
Lahore Police to launch text-based complaint management system

According to media reports, Lahore police is to launch a text-based complaint management system in few days. Police have finalised the arrangements with a cellular company in this regard. Operations DIG Dr Haider Ashraf said the proposal was the first of its kind.

This system has been developed in collaboration with IT experts. By means of this service, citizens will be able to lodge complaints via text message to 8330. Dr Ashraf said. “We will follow up on the case and take action on the complaints within a week… It will also help the police track complaints.”

He added that the programme would guarantee that citizens’ grievances were addressed well. Moreover, public’s access to police officials will be improved, he claims saying, “They will be simply an SMS away.”

Dr. Ashraf says that he would be monitoring the operation of this complaint management system. He added that the processing of cases registered through text messages would be quicker. Moreover, crimes involving property (unidentified suspects) would be processed in 24 hours, monetary and land-grab cases in seven days and crimes against person (except murders) in three days. After the text is received, police officials will inform the complainant about the timeframe with regard to conversion of complaint into FIR and subsequent action to be taken.