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Lahore: Police hooks abductors of Christian girl, promising her recovery as soon as possible


In keeping with reports, Lahore police has claimed of hooking three abductors of Marriam Mushtaq, a Christian girl who was abducted from Lahore’ Bahar Colony. Soon after the news of her kidnapping spread across the local Christian community, they staged a protest at the Ferozepur Road calling upon the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif to take note of the kidnapping and act accordingly in order to secure her release.

gender based violence against Pakistani Christians

Marriam Mushtaq a 24-year-old Christian girl was taken away on gunpoint by reportedly by three men. The incident took place in front of Saint Thomas School in Bahar Colony when she was on her way to attend classes at an adult education center right in front of the Saint Thomas School. Eye witnesses disclosed that the abductors were riding a white colored Toyota car number LEA 5393.

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According to details, Marriam’ 11-year-old brother Youhan was also with her at the time of the kidnapping. He revealed that a man whose face was covered got out of the car and dragged Marriam inside the car and they the car raced off. Youhan started yelling and called for help. Few boys who were on motorbikes followed the car until Muslim Town, as it sped off but could not continue as it was too fast for motorbikes to keep up with.

Marriam’ family approached the local police station to get a complaint registered, however, the police showed reluctance. Subsequently, the abductee’ family and local Christians staged protest in front of Nawaz Sharif’s residence in Model Town. The protesters kept the road blocked for two hours after which the police registered an FIR against the unknown abductors.