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Lahore: Police is reluctant to file a case against the church arson perpetrators


Lahore church arson

Police is showing reluctance to register an FIR over the Lahore church arson incident.

According to details, Christian leaders have complained about the disinclination exhibited by the police to register a case over the recent church arson incident in Shamkey Bhattian on January 6.

William Javed- President of Punjab wing of Masiha Millat Party (MMP) while talking with the media said that a healing prayer had been organized in the church on January 6. A large number of people had gathered for the prayer service, however when they left, a fire blew up in the church in a mysteriously suspected way, which swallowed up the church building.

“I have heard that some unidentified people set the church on fire. However, there is no witness to the sad incident,” he said while adding that when Advocate Suba Saroya went to the Manga Mandi police station in order to lodge a police complaint against unknown attackers; the police refused to entertain his complaint.

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Moreover, another local Christian leader Hanif Thekaydar, also seems to be annoyed over the same fact that the police has not filed an FIR over the incident saying that even if the fire was an accident an FIR should have been registered. “In both cases, police should have registered a case” he claimed.

Another Christian leader from the Masiha Millat Party (MMP)- Aftab Gill said that as the pastors used loud speakers for the prayer service, “Some Muslims of the area approached the church administration and asked them not to use loudspeaker as it was their prayer time.”

The church administration refused to turn off the loudspeaker or reduce its volume until the prayer service ended. Aftab Gill alleged that it was soon after this dispute that some unidentified men torched the church. However, he has been unable to name any witness to the incident.