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Lahore: Possession of Christians’ graveyard regained from the clutches of land mafia


A Christians’ graveyard under the control of land mafia since past nine years has finally been restored to the Christian community. In a press release issued by Samuel Payara, President Bright Future Society disclosed that the land mafia had bulldozed a boundary wall of the graveyard and had constructed a store in the graveyard.

Land mafia expropriates Christians' graveyard

Samuel Payara revealed that the graveyard recovered is a prehistoric property belonging to the Christian community. Chairman Majlis-e-Aama Pakistan Minority Movement, Baba Aslam contacted Samuel Payara in this regard informing him of the illegal seizure of the graveyard’s land.

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Consequently, Samuel Payara approached higher authorities in Punjab government and briefed them about the situation. Samuel Payara and Baba Aslam requested the District Coordination Officer Lahore and Tehsil Municipal Officer of Ravi Town to take note of the illegal invasion and takeover of the graveyard’s land.

Consequently, the DCO and TMO taking apt action against the perpetrators sealed the store; constructed on the graveyard’s land. The authorities had confiscated all the materials found in the store. “We are thankful to the Punjab government especially to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s complaint cell,” Samuel Payara stated in his press release.

The authorities are further urged to reconstruct the boundary wall of the graveyard which was bulldozed by the mafia and was being used as entry point into the graveyard’s land. The mafia had installed illegal gates in the boundary wall of the graveyard which must be removed and the wall be mended, Samuel Payara urged.