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Lahore: Trumped up charges of involvement in kidnapping brought against a Christian woman quashed


Christian woman Shagufta Inayat, who had been hooked by the police in a case of involvement in the elopement of a Muslim woman with a Christian man, has been set free. Shagufta’ brother Badal also known as Bahadur had eloped with Sehar, a Muslim woman who was already married and a mother of two.

Police rampage against Christians in Taj Pura Lahore

Muhammad Wasif, the Muslim husband of Sehar, had filed an FIR against the family of Bahadur maintaining the Christian family had kidnapped his wife. He nominated Bahadur and his two sisters Shagufta and Samra in the FIR. The FIR no: 560/16 which was registered in the Shad Bagh Police Station stirred up disastrous affliction for the two Christian women.

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Shagufta Inayat who was previously in Police custody had been released on June 30, Thursday. The complaint has been quashed therefore; the Christian woman was set free from the lock up. On June 24, Friday male police constables from the Shad Bagh Police Station broke into Shagufta’ house arrested her, tortured her in the market.

The police constables slapped Shagufta publicly. She was arrested by male constables; which is an out-and-out violation of law. In compliance with the law, lady constables are authorized to deal with and arrest females. Since June 24, Shagufta had been detained in Shad Bagh Police Station.

Police running riot against the Christians of Taj Pura, intimidated Bahadur’ family to return Sehar to her husband otherwise, Shagufta sister of Bahadur and the entire family will be mowed down in a fake police encounter. Previously, the agitated Muslims of the neighborhood had already hurled threats of burning 13 people of Bahdur’ family alive in a reprisal to dishonoring the Muslims. They had threatened to kidnap Christian girls of the hood and lynch them.

Shagufta’ younger sister, 28-year-old Samra was gang raped by Sehar’ husband and his three accomplices. This flagrant act was accomplished under the patronage of the Shad Bagh Police. Purportedly, the police escorted the four men to Samra’ house. Samra said that the rapists told her that they had been advised by the police to sexually abuse her in order to force the Christian family to disclose the whereabouts of Bahadur and Sehar.