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LAHORE: Unknown gunmen attack a Christian school


Christian school attacked

LAHORE: Unknown gunmen open fire at a Christian missionary school in Lahore’s second largest Christian neighbourhood.

According to Pakistan Christian Post, two gunmen who were wearing masks opened fire on a St. Franciscan High School in Bahar colony Lahore on August 17. As a result of this firing, one student and two security guards were injured. The gunmen fled from the scene while the three injured were rushed to a hospital.

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In line with the details, the unknown gunmen opened fire at the school in response the guards on duty outside the school also opened fire at the attackers, however, the guards while intercepting sustained injuries. The guards however, managed to drive, the attackers away.

The school administration, shortly after the incident, evacuated all the students and staff from the school premise in anticipation of another possible attack. The motive behind the attack is still not known. Police investigation is in progress to discover the core motivation of attack.

St. Franciscan High School is a Christian missionary school which is located in Bahar colony, which is the second largest Christian neighbourhood in Lahore. The school has been closed due to security concerns. This is the second of the series of attacks on Christian institution in Lahore. Prior to this, St Mary High School came under attack.