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Lahore’s missionaries taking care of both Christian and Muslim victims of the Easter bombing


Lahore Attack

Christian missionaries are busy diligently serving the Christian and Muslim victims of the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park blast.

In line with details, Lahore’s Christian missionaries are taking care of both Christian and Muslim victims of the Lahore attack. About three weeks after the terrible terrorist strike, about 150 Muslim victims are receiving medical treatment, while 50 out of these 150 are still in critical condition. Moreover, about 50 Christian victims are being treated; which include 23 victims who are below the age of 20. 18 out of 50 Christians including mostly children are in critical condition, as revealed by the missionaries.

Apart from administering the medical treatment to the injured victims, the local Christian missionaries re reaching out to the traumatized Muslim and Christians who were injured as a result of the blast, and are helping them to cover the costs of the treatment regardless of their religion.

They are also proving counselling services to the traumatized families of the Christians and Muslim survivors. One such story, they have shared is that of a Christian man Daniel, father of four. Daniel told that his teenager boy asked him for money to go to Gulshan-e-Iqbal park, after the Easter service.

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“His son took his three friends from the street they live to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, and at around 6 p.m. the terrorist attacked, and his son was hurt in his leg, back and stomach. His three friends were together during the attack. One died at the park right after the attack took place, while the other died as they reached the hospital, and the third friend is battling for his life at the hospital.”

Moreover, the missionaries are also paying visits to hospitals and meeting with victims and are administering them counselling and praying for them. The missionaries are also visiting homes of the victims and are helping them with useful needs such as meals.

“Several people are daily wage workers, and right now they are going to work while dealing with the trauma, and they need a one-time meal or meals for a month, and then we’re providing counselling to overcome the loss and trauma. We are working with both Muslim and Christian communities. We are praying for everyone, each day we take a different pastor from a different denomination, Catholics included.”

A Pakistani Christian missionary who leads this venture said, “We are praying that we will have an opportunity through this to build further relationships, and through this very practical expression of the love of our Lord for others, the ministry will be encouraged to love their neighbors, that many would come to know their Savior.”