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A Christian man Allegedly Murdered Over Land Dispute


OKARRA: A Christian man Allegedly Murdered Over Land Dispute.


Christan dies over land dispute
Christan dies over land dispute

According to details, the VOICE was informed by anonymous source on 27th of July, 2013 about the incident in Okarra where a Christian man was allegedly killed by his rivals supposedly over land dispute. The incident was reported to have occurred in Chak 8-4/L Okara, District.

The Voice team comprising of Adv. Aneeqa Maria Akhtar, Mr. Shahid Anthony, Mr. Khurram Akhtar, Mr. Gohar Altaf and Mr. Napolean Qayyum rushed to the scene for surveillance.

What the Voice team initially learned was that Ishaq Masih was the land lord of the area i.e. Chak 8-4/L and was renowned in the Christian and Muslim Community. “He was very active in helping the Christians of the Village and never cared about his family or protection,” his niece said.

Ishaq Masih’s son Arshad Masih said,”On 27th July at about 7:00am my father Ishaq Masih came to know that Muhammad Luqman Ilias Ranjha had seized the land of his illegally, upon knowing this Ishaq Masih along with his son Arshad 15 years old, and  daughter Siama, 12 years old went to see whether the news was right or wrong.


“When we reached the place Ranjha along with 8 people on Motor Bikes named Sultan Alias Kala , Ramzan, Ashraf, Ashiq Gill, Nadeem, Mushtaq and Kali surrounded us,” he continued. “Some women of their acquaintance namely Nanhi, Bholi, Mithi and Raji were instigating those assualters to kill my father said,” Siama.


“They surrounded us and started beating my father. I and my brother cried for help but nobody was there to help us. They were laughing and raising slogans that this bloody Christian has a lot of land and he always interfere in our matters so now he is in our hands. We will teach him how to keep enmity with the Muslims. Then they opened fire and a bullet hit the heart of my father, my father fell on the ground and started to shudder.”

“I tried to give my father some water but Ranjha took that from me and slapped me. Then they took my brother Arshad with them to the barn and started beating him, they insisted him to take the blame on him, that I have killed my father. But my brother did not say a word. He was scared and shocked. I ran to my mother and told her about the incident that Ranjha along with his fellows have killed my father. My uncles and cousins rushed towards the land where they killed my father. Later they called police which came late, and refused to file the report against the culprits and they also refuse to do the post mortem of the body,” recalled Saima.


The VOICE team afterwards visited the crime scene and later contacted the DPO. The Voice contacted the police to file an FIR against the culprits and conduct the post mortem of the deceased. The FIR was lodged against the eight named men under 302, 365, 447, 511, 148/149 of Pakistan Penal Code. Subsequently, the police consented to facilitate in carrying out the post mortem of the dead body handing it over to the family after the procedure.