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Land Mafia Eager To Lay Hands On Church Property And A Christian Graveyard


GUJRANWALA: Land Mafia eyeing at the land of Church and a Christian graveyard.



Land mafia after christian graveyard
Land mafia after christian graveyard

This Christian settlement Emmin Abad is almost a century old Christian suburban area which includes a Church and a graveyard however; land mafia is aiming at this valuable land of Church and graveyard since few years. The land of Church and graveyard is worth millions of Rupees.




In consistency with the details, the Ex-Councilor of Emmin Abad, district Gujranwala, Shamoun Patrus, has requested the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take action against land mafia that yearns for the land of a local Church and Christian graveyard.



The disreputable land mafia now poses as a threat to the inhabitants of the Christian Colony, Emmin Abad, in district Gujranwala just to make sure that the residents do not approach the authorities. Nevertheless, residents of Emmin Abad have filed an FIR against this mafia; this case is under hearing in a local court.



The Christians inhabiting this Christian neighbourhood have expressed fear of possible harassment from this mafia, predominantly by burning homes of this locality to pressurize the local to vacate the Church land and give up on the land of graveyard as well. Furthermore, the Christians have also appealed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab for sufficient security to putt off any viable act of pestering from this land mafia.