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Land Mafia Harassing Occupants Of Elizabeth Hostel For Women Peshawar


PESHAWAR: An oppressive crisis takes over the Elizabeth Hostel for Women that is under the patronage of Church of Pakistan.

Church Property Mafia in Peshawar
Church Property Mafia in Peshawar

According to details, the Elizabeth Hostel has been funded by the Barnabas fund based in the United Kingdom. The Hostel was originally meant to facilitate the working women and girls who travel to the city from far flung areas of KPK to acquire education. In these areas; where women have to face hardships to either to earn their livelihood or get education even at the cost of staying away from their homes this hostel was a blessing to them until now.


As suggested by a message from one of the occupants of the Elizabeth Hostel, The Church Property Mafia has been illegally eyeing at this property which was intended to facilitate women ok KPK.

The anxious resider of this hostel writes to the Church Property Bachao Tehrik as follows:


“Respected Sir,


We the inmates of Elizabeth Hostel for Women (Diocese of Peshawar, Church of Pakistan) want to draw your attention towards a very serious matter regarding Elizabeth Hostel Peshawar.
The Elizabeth Hostel Peshawar is a generous contribution by the Barnabas Fund UK for poor and needy girls and women of this region. This Hostel is running since 26th of May 2007 by the Barnabas Fund with the contribution of the working women living in this Hostel. About 80 girls (students) and working women are living in this Hostel but the so-called management is pressurizing the students by sending Legal Notices and using unorthodox means, including showing weapons. They are giving dates and deadlines to the students living in the Hostel to vacate the Hostel, otherwise they will use Police force. Students of the Hostel are suffering from mental torture as these days they are giving their exams. Moreover the management has mentioned in the Legal Notice that they are going to convert the Hostel building into the Orphanage as per the decision of Diocese of Peshawar (which is just a baseless reason). In fact the land is to be handed over to Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal for permanent use of rental basis, for which they have already finished the paperwork.
The Principal of Elizabeth High School Mrs. Afreen Nathial and Warden of Hostel Mrs Jeanne Gill are facilitating the Director of Education, Diocese of Peshawar and the so-called Bishop of Peshawar Diocese namely Humphrey Peters who just for their own interest and for the purpose of earning money want to get Hostel building and land.
Sir, In a region where women education and women themselves are at risk, depriving females of this Hostel from residence, who came from far flung places to educate themselves is an inhuman and illegal act on the part of the authorities involved. It is therefore humbly requested by all the inmates of this Hostel to kindly consider this serious issue and take serious action.
Looking forward for you help in this regards,
Inmates of Elizabeth Hostel for Women,