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Laos: Police kills a Pastor who was increasingly spreading Christianity in five villages


Lao Christians

A Christian pastor stabbed to death by police in Laos.

According to media reports, five men stormed into the house of a Lao Christian, Pastor Singkeaw Wongkongpheng. It was later established that the attackers were officials of provincial police of Laos. Initially they grabbed his wife. However, when she cried out loud for help, Pastor Singkeaw rushed to her.

It is suspected that the men intended to kidnap Pastor Singkeaw and his wife, nonetheless, when Pastor Singkeaw arrived at the scene, the men took hold of him and forcefully tried to take him with them. According to eye witnesses Pastor Singkeaw even asked the attackers if they needed money but they would not answer.

However, when Pastor Singkeaw called out loud for help, the men stabbed him three times in the back and fled from the house. When Pastor Singkeaw’s son heard the cries for help he reached at the scene and also pursued the attackers and managed to grab one of them. He bet him and severely injured him. Shortly, it was confirmed that the injured attacker is a Luang Prabang provincial police serving as a prison guard in Pha-Oh Prison.

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The local Christians suspect that the five men intended to abduct Pastor Singkeaw and his wife. They ruled out that the intention behind this attack was robbery. They are of an opinion that this attack was a result of Pastor Singkeaw’s ministry work and evangelism.

Previously, few years back, the Lao officials threatened Pastor Singkeaw to cease spreading the Christian faith however he was not consternated and continued the work of spreading the Gospel of Christ in five villages.

Pastor Singkeaw was of firm belief of practicing his constitutionally guaranteed religious right which provided him of liberty to hold on and spread his Christian faith. He was father of six including four boys and two girls, while his wife survived the attack.