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Last Christians Remaining in Northern Syria Fear ISIS


empty town in syria
Tel Tamer is a small town in north eastern Syria. After a series of invasions and kidnappings by Islamic State terrorists, all that remains in the ghost town is a group of Christian fighters and a few locals. Northern Syria continues to be a victim of attacks from ISIS militants. In the last month alone, approximately 150 civilian were kidnapped and still remain hostages.

Thousands have now left the area only a handful continue to stay in this deserted place which at one time was home to more than 30,000 Christians. Entire villages have been uprooted and stand barren aside from a few ragged dogs that now populate the cluster of villages targeted by ISIS.

Athur Ishak a mother of one has decided to remain in her ghost town. “We should resist and stay – we should not leave our land” says Ishak after hearing the roar of a mortar attack nearby.

Not long ago ISIS had attacked 35 Christian villages nestled along Khabur River. Resident families were sent into a mass exodus as the meager villages fell like dominoes. The people who were taken hostages were forced to convert to Islam. As the atrocities continue, Christianity might be totally annihilated from the region.