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Last year anti- Christians attacks increased worldwide, a recent report says


Persecution of Christians

Last year, saw an increase in attacks against Christians across the globe, a recent report lets it put.

Human rights organisations are claiming that the attacks against Christians around the world have increased considerably during the last year. The major areas that have had the highest ratio pf attacks against the Christians are the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia. In this regard, various human rights organisations are further claiming hat the numbers are expected to climb this year.

According to an estimate out of total religion based persecution incidents across the globe, about 75% are related to Christians. “More than 7,000 Christians were killed last year because of their faith — almost 3,000 more than the previous year,” Open Doors told the media.

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While remarking about the surge in the persecution of Christians, David Curry- CEO of Open Doors USA said, “I don’t believe most Americans have an accurate understanding of the real state of Christian persecution around the world. But for news consumers to clamor for such coverage, they need to be aware of the extent of the problem.”

Last year was the most violent for Christians in modern history, rising to “a level akin to ethnic cleansing,” CNN quoted the Open Doors. According to Open Doors, much of the persecution faced by Christians occurs in largely Muslim nations, many of which are “failed states” that have failed to protect any of their citizens’ religious liberty.

Further the presence of Islamic extremist factions across the world in 2015 brought religious persecution for not only Christians, but also Shiite Muslims, Yazidis and other religious minorities. Notably, Iraq and Syria are the epicenters of ISIS’ so called “caliphate,” while Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Libya all have elements of Islamic extremism.

Open Doors further said that the persecution in the Middle East and Africa, “increasingly takes the form of ethnic cleansing.” However, owing to the growing phenomenon of persecution of Christians, last month, human rights organizations tried to pressurize the President of the United States Barack Obama and his administration to declare deaths of Christians at the hands of the militants of the Islamic State as “genocide.”

In response the demand was met with a decision from the Obama administration and the United State’s Secretary of State, John Kerry referred to the beheading of 49 Egyptian and Ethiopian Coptic Christians in 2015, among other atrocities, while announcing the decision.

Paul Fidalgo- communications director for the Center for Inquiry said, “We were the sole secular humanist organization to press the State Department to label ISIS’ crimes against Muslims and Christians as genocide.”