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Petitions For Cancellation Of Bail Of The Alleged Culprits Of The Badami Bagh Incident Filled


LAHORE: The culprits of one of the most high profile cases of 2013- the Badami Bagh incident; released on bail reprehensibly by the LHC.

Lahore High Court -LHC
Lahore High Court -LHC

As CIP has learned, Mr. Khurram Khan  Prosecutor General Punjab filed the petitions for cancellation of bail in the Lahore High Court earlier this week on 4th of June,2013, against the decision of granting bail to the nominated “extremists” in the FIR for torching a Christian neighborhood, Jospeh Colony in Badami Bagh area of Lahore. The petiotion was accouched in the face of growing presure as the alleged mischief- makers had been granted bail; wherefore the petition contained a request of detaining the men released, who had been surrounded by allegations they are said to be extortionating Christians victimized in the incident as well as witnessed to be involved in the anti-Christian riot at Badami Bagh ,Lahore on 9th of March,2013.


Shortly after the incident, an FIR was registerd against the people named. The Lahore police booked them under Sections 324, 353,397, 427, 436, 148 and 149,186- A of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) while 7 Anti-Terrorism Acts were indicted on behalf of the state to 83 nominated and thousands of unknown extremists whilst some were put behind the bars, soon after. The FIR bearing NO.114/13, included the names of some influential people, and a large crowd was seen protesting against their arrest outside the Court, just a day after their arrest.


All the accused had been granted bails, recently as some of them obtained post-arrest bails and on the other hand some were granted pre-arrest bails by Judge Muhammad Islam of Anti-Terrorism Court No. 2 – Lahore,on 14th May,2013.


Prior to these developments, in April 2013; a three-memeber bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed directed the Government of Punjab to take effectual steps in order to maintain and ensure the protection and security of all the citizens in the province regardless of their religion.


In this context the LEAD’s legal panel including, Naseeb Masih- Advocate High Court, Eric John- Advocate High Court, Hadayat Bashir- Advocate High Court accompained by Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill embarked on these petitions for the cancellation of bail against 31 alleged extremists in Lahore High Court, which was reviewed yesterday 6th of June, 2013 for notices by a bench of two members comprising Justice Sardar Tariq Masood and Justice Abdul Sami Khan.This petition was put forth on State expenses.