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Leaders of Council for Inter-religious Dialogue pray for the recovery of PM Nawaz Sharif


Leaders of various faiths joined hands to pray for the speedy recovery of the Prime Minister of Pakistan followed by his heart surgery. Religious leaders from the Council for Inter-religious Dialogue gathered together and offered prayers for the Pakistani Premier.

Pakistanis pray for recovery of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

The prayer meeting was held in Lahore, which was attended by religious leaders from different faiths. The prayer meeting was held under the auspices of leaders and scholars of different religions of the Council for Inter-religious Dialogue. The council for inter-religious dialogue was established by Father Francis Nadeem and is running under the headship of Islamic cleric Sufi Pir Shafaat Rasool.

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At this occasion, not only religious leaders were present but men, women and children from different faith groups participated in this inter-faith prayer meeting. The attendees also sang national anthem of Pakistan. The participants jointly recited a supplication “for the development and prosperity of the country and for the success of the Pakistani armed forces in the operation against terrorists.”

This inter-faith prayer meeting was attended by Arif Hameed, PM Nawaz Sharif’ cousin who represented PM’ family in the prayer meeting. Arif Hameed expressed gratitude towards the attendees and the nation for praying for his cousin PM Nawaz Sharif. “Nawaz Sharif’s operation was successful and is now recovering rapidly”, he explained.

At this occasion, the attendees also praised the efforts and vision of the PM for the improvement of the country and uttered the hope that the Premier will “recover quickly and continue his service with the same enthusiasm.” PM Nawaz Sharif underwent an open-heart surgery on May 31, Tuesday.