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Lebanese Christian women take up arms against terrorists after recent wave of suicide bombings


Christian women in a Lebanese village Qaa, have taken up arms as a result of recent wave of terrorist attacks. These women vowed to protect their homes, village and country saying, “We will not allow Lebanon to become a new Iraq.”

Christian women in a Lebanese village armed against terrorists

“We will not flee, we have weapons and are ready to protect ourselves,” one of the armed Christian woman said. The courageous ladies patrol the streets of their village, determined to send the jihadis “straight to Hell.” They stated that they refuse to bow down to fear, intimidation and terror. They expressed resolute determination not to flee from their houses, instead fight to defend their village.

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A Christian advocacy organization A Demand For Action, quoted a Christian woman from Qaa saying, she and others will not leave their houses, despite peril and continuous threat of ISIS’ advance. She mockingly said that the jihadists believe they won’t get to heaven if they were killed by women, and so she vowed to send them to hell.

“Jihadists think they go to Hell if they are killed by women. We will send them straight to Hell,” the Christian woman was quoted by the advocacy organization. While speaking in this regard, Habib Afram –President of Syriac League of Lebanon said that it’s not just Christian women who have decided to fight against the terrorists but the men have also showed determination not to flee but defend their village.

He said that Lebanese Christian taking up arms against terrorists is nor a new-fangled idea, “The tradition is that arms are a part of what we call the furniture of Lebanese houses. On a personal level, most of the families in Lebanon, especially in villages in urban places, they have arms. It’s local, it’s not yet a militia-like style, it is not very well organized as a militia style but it is in all Lebanon that most of the population has arms inside the houses.”