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Lebanon: An American couple gives up everything to teach Syrian refugee kids


An American couple has given everything they had in the States to teach the Syrian refugee kids, in Lebanon. They had set a small facility in the Bekaa Valley, east of Lebanon. The couple was formerly settled in Texas however, moved to Lebanon about five months ago to set up a school for Syrian refugee children. The have named this school “House of Love.”

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

As they explained their endeavor they said: “We have nothing left in the States now. We sold everything. We have a 10 x 12 [foot] storage unit with our family pictures and my favorite chair. That’s it.” They had built the school from the scratch, with the funds they had raised in the US.

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As they delineated the motive behind their exertion they stated: “Actually it was God’s idea. You know what, all kids all over the world just want to be loved. They just want attention and they want to know they are worth something. That’s what we do here at House of Love.”

The facility they call “House of Love” houses two container buildings sitting few feet apart – there’s a school yard in the middle. There is a sports court also. Recently, they have had a fence built around their school. Majority of the refugee kids who attend this school, come from refugee camps nestled in the in the Bekaa.