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LEBANON: Christian Armies Driving Out ISIS And Al-Nusra From Their Territory

Lebanese Christians armed against ISIS
Lebanese Christians armed against ISIS

Thousands of Christians in Lebanon have formed an army to combat the advancing terror group ISIS. These Christian militias are effectively driving out the jihadists groups like ISIS and al-Nusra from their territories and have thus far been successful. The endeavours of these valorous Christian militias have prevented Lebanon from becoming another Mosul.

One of Christian militia leaders, Rifaat Nasrallah, said, “If it weren’t for us, it would be another Mosul for the Christians in Lebanon. We will never stand to not hear our church bells ring… That will never happen here.”

Another young and enthusiastic member of this Christian army said, “every night, some men go and just look after the borders of our village … We scout on the border to make sure ISIS is not coming on the border, and if ISIS is coming in the border we let the authorities know, or the Lebanese military know, and we are always prepared and ready to defend ourselves because we think the danger is right around the corner.”

This young Christian fighter expressed determination saying, “Their power will vanish, we will be ready and we will not face what Christians in Syria have faced, or in Iraq.” There is no bigger love than to give yourself for your friends,” he added.