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Lebanon: ISIS’ suicide bombers hit a Christian village, 5 killed 15 wounded


A group of suicide bombers hailing from terrorist group Islamic State, have hit a Christian village, claiming 5 lives, at least 15 wounded. Lebanese village Qaa, which sits just a few hundred meters away from the Syrian border. Eye witnesses say four ISIS militants were involved in this suicide attack.

suicide bombers target a Christians' village in Lebanon

The eye witnesses disclose the four suicide bombers were passing through the village around 4am local time. Finding them suspicious the civilian security guards of the village out to them, the four attackers in confusion threw a hand grenade at the guards and detonated their explosive vests sequentially among civilians.

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The villagers had rushed to the road followed by the loud bang of the hand grenade which resulted in fair bit of loss of lives and wounded. The Lebanese authorities remain unclear as to what exactly was the real target of the suicide bombers. The site of terror strike is 44 miles to the north of Baalbek, and has been a shelter to a large population of Syria refugees. The Christians of Qaa have taken up arms, as civilian security guards and guard their village and houses from the terrorists from across the border.